Friday, July 10, 2009

Just about halfway there...

Next Wednesday will mark the half-way point of the summer for us out here at Camp Kanata. As Dave posted last time, we've done a lot in a short amount of time. Just today I played soccer, ultimate frisbee, and volleyball with campers and some of my fellow administrative staff members. We did not do very well with soccer (4-0) but we played well in ultimate frisbee and forced a 3rd game with the advanced volleyball class. Needless to say I slept well at rest period!

I've been really impressed with our staff this year. Though we have great counselors every year, this year's group seemed to "get" camp much faster, has taken on new challenges and given new life to some of the things we've always done. It's been rewarding to watch the good stuff unfold and to know that I had a very large part in bringing them together this summer.

"Getting" camp makes me think of a blog post I read by Seth Godin. Seth's blog isn't geared toward camps--he's interested in marketing and ideas--but occasionally I find an insight that helps me articulate something I've been struggling with. This post was about the "fan chasm" and how businesses, organizations, and brands can create an easily accessible and deep experience for their customers. Those of you who understand what Camp is are nodding your heads and saying "Yep, that sounds just like camp." In just a short week our kids are able to tap into a deep well of experiences and friendships that take many people decades to create. Our staff feel it even more after spending 8-10 weeks out here living and working with each other.

So, with the summer almost halfway through, I hope you'll take us up on our invitation to come visit real soon. We're having an alumni campfire Friday, July 24th and I'm hoping to see a lot of familiar and long-missed faces pulling through the gate that evening.

Have a great weekend and we'll see you real soon!


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