Monday, May 18, 2009

Third Place...

My wife and I were in the Five Points section of Raleigh last week eating dinner at Lilly's Pizza when she noticed the place beside us was called Third Place. I commented that it was a good name for a restaurant because many people are looking for that third place to find connections in their life. For most people it goes something like this: home, work, church or home, work, civic club or home, work, school.

I began to think about how Kanata is a "third place" for many children in the area. They have their home, they go to school, but that important third place of connection is Camp Kanata. Even though I work at Kanata year round there is something special about the summer season at Kanata. I make hundreds of new friends every year, whether it is campers or staff members and I also get the opportunity to reconnect with old friends from the past. I look forward to check in day so I can greet the parents and feel the energy as the campers are hurrying to get the first bunk in the cabin.

I know that the activities that we do at camp are important and fun, but the most important thing that takes place are the positive relationships that the campers build. I am glad that since 1954 Camp Kanata has been a positive place for kids - that "Third Place" of connection in their life.

We look forward to seeing you this summer at Camp Kanata.

Your Camp Director,


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