Monday, March 23, 2009

Getting more people connected to Kanata

I am sitting in my office this afternoon staring at the whiteboard on my wall which is covered with names. Names of people who were former campers, counselors, parents of campers, board members, friends in the community and vendors who provide services to Kanata. I realize a couple of things. First, we are connected to a great family of volunteers and that makes the work we do at Kanata so rewarding. Secondly, we can accomplish so much more when we enlist the help of others. I couldn't tell you whether or not your name is on my whiteboard, but I can tell you that it should be. We want to have engaged participants at Kanata who do more than just come to camp in the summer. We want you to look at Kanata as a place to give back to your community whether it is through a work day, giving to our scholarship campaign or serving on one of our volunteer committees.

We can't truly measure the positive impact that camp has had on the lives of our campers and staff over the years, but we can say that the character traits of honesty, respect, responsibility and caring that have been taught for years have produced better citizens of our world. We can say that the positive role models that our campers have seen over the years have helped produce thousands of leaders who understand the benefits of giving back and making a difference in another persons life.

Consider giving back this year at Camp Kanata. Give of your time, your resources and your energy. Give because it makes a difference in a child's life and because you will see a return on that investment for years to come.

See you this summer!

Your Camp Director,


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