Monday, April 6, 2009

Little things make a big difference

This past weekend I was installing new rails on my backyard deck and during the course of the construction I got several splinters. I got most of them out except for one very tiny splinter that I am barely able to see which found its way into my left index finger. You would think that something so small would not have the impact on my life that this splinter has, but its arrival has changed how I do most things. Let me begin by saying that I am left handed and so the splinter is disrupting how I write, how I brush my teeth, how I hold my coffee cup, how I get the idea.

As I was anguishing over my splinter and the impact this small thing has on my life I started thinking of the impact of camp on the life of a camper and staff member. We tend to think of camp as a small thing. You might only come for one week a summer, but during that time you are taught the character traits of honesty, respect, caring and responsibility. These might be small things, but as you learn them and implement them in your life they make a huge difference in everything you do...sort of like my splinter.

Now I am not saying that camp is annoying like a splinter, can lead to infection like a splinter or that you will need to seek medical attention to remove it from your system like a splinter. I am saying that a small thing like camp can change the way you do things. Camp teaches us to be respectful of all people no matter what their background is and you end up living that same principle when you go home. Because camp teaches us to be honest and play by the rules you continue to be honest and play by the rules in your everyday life. Because camp teaches us to be caring we show concern for others and want to make a positive impact on their lives. Because camp teaches us to be responsible we became better stewards of the world around us.

So next time you think that camp is not that big of a deal, think of my splinter and the impact a small thing has on our everyday lives. Camp is a small thing that makes a big difference.

See you this summer!

Your Camp Director,


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